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We publish several Directories for business use:

Exporters Encyclopaedia«

Provides extensive export and trading information on 220 countries. Includes a detailed country profile, plus information on trade regulations, documentation requirements, transportation ports and restrictions and consumer and copyright legislation.

Principal International Businesses

A directory of the world's leading 50,000 firms, covering all types of businesses in 140 countries. Provides you with the name and title of the top decision maker, and informs you of other key facts such as sales volume in local currency, number of employees, year started and parent company.

Available as a single-volume resource that is cross-referenced alphabetically, geographically and by industry classification.

International Risk & Payment Review

Monthly overview of business trading conditions in 131 countries around the world. Each country description includes payment terms, foreign exchange and banking information, and a D&B risk indicator See the Receivable Management Services website for more information.

Economic & Payment Risk Review

Provides the same information as the International Risk & Payment Review but for a single country. Provides in-depth critical information and analysis on the trade environment of a single country. Learn about important risk factors such as political conditions, domestic & foreign policies, economic structure & country performance and outlook. Averages 50 pages of information.

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